Marriott Timeshare Resales

Are you a savvy consumer looking to own your vacations by buying a Marriott timeshare resale? Or maybe you’re already a Marriott timeshare owner who’s used your timeshare for many happy years and want to trade it in for a Marriott Grand Residence Club  or Ritz Carlton Fractional Ownership. And for others, life circumstances may have changed and it’s now time to sell your Marriott timeshare to another family who can use it to create priceless memories of their own. Whatever your needs, Premier Timeshare Resale can help. Our agents specialize in Marriott and company owners, Alanna Hatz and Kelly Marshall, each have extensive experience with Marriott timeshare resales.


Selling a Marriott Timeshare


If you’re looking to sell or trade in your Marriott timeshare, our resale experts can help. All our Marriott timeshare resales experts are licensed Real Estate Agents. Unlike the majority of timeshare resale companies on the internet, Premier Timeshare Resale does not charge upfront fees to sell your Marriott timeshare resales.


The first step to sell your Marriott timeshare is to fill out our free value assessment form on the Premier Timeshare Resale website or contact us by phone or e-mail to inquire about selling your Marriott Vacation Club ownership. Once we have all the pertinent information about your Marriott property we will do a comparative market analysis or an “appraisal”.


Premier Timeshare Resale works with nearly 100 licensed Real Estate Agents worldwide who also specialize in timeshare resale. We will check to see how many Marriott resales are currently on the market, how many have sold recently, at what prices they are listed versus what prices they have sold for, and of course how long they have been on the market. We will research further to see how many of these Marriott resales have the same specifics as yours regarding property, season, week, unit size and other special features such as floating/fixed time and lock-off units.


We work on a commission based on the sales price of your timeshare. Since it is based on a percentage of the sales price, it is in both your and our best interests to get you the most for your Marriott resales as is realistically possible. Since neither of us have anything to gain unless the timeshare is sold, you can see how important it is to price your property correctly.


As with any product, the value of different Marriott timeshare resales will be based on supply and demand. Marriott timeshare buyers are savvy and they always want the best deal they can find. So as you would imagine, the lowest priced resales always sell first. The important thing is to list your timeshare at a price that will get the attention of buyers and entice them to make an offer or ask a question. Once a line of communication is opened, they are at the bargaining table and we can begin negotiating the sale of your Marriott timeshare.


You Get Full Service with Premier Timeshare Resale


Premier Timeshare Resale handles all aspects of Marriott timeshare sales including, advertising, buyer/seller communication, negotiation, the writing of purchase contracts to protect the buyer and seller, requesting a right of first refusal waiver from the Marriott Resale Department, working with a title company to ensure clean title and to request the county where the property is located to record the new deed, and of course we ensure that the Resale department transfers the Marriott Ownership into the new owners’ names.


Each step of the process is equally important in providing a smooth closing for both buyer and seller. However, before any of those steps can be initiated, your timeshare requires a party interested in purchasing it. One way to get a step ahead of the competition when selling Marriott timeshare resales is to elicit the help of Premier Timeshare Resale. It will be nearly impossible to sell your Marriott timeshare if buyers don’t know it’s for sale!


One place Premier Timeshare Resale’s services excel over others is advertising Marriott timeshare resales. All the bases are covered. No stone is left unturned. Premier advertises on multiple avenues including several internet sites. Furthermore, Premier Timeshare Resale is part of a powerful network of brokers and real estate agents. The main focus of this network is to bring buyers and sellers together and help legitimize the timeshare resale industry. To make selling with us even more appealing, we have extensive print advertising in publications and brochure racks in popular choice destinations. Put your faith in Premier Timeshare Resale and you can finally consider your Marriott timeshare on the path to being sold!


Buying Marriott Timeshare Resales


Now, maybe you’re not interested in selling but instead adding another Marriott timeshare to your portfolio or upgrading to a Marriott, Grand Residence or Ritz Carlton Timeshare Resale. Or even more exciting, maybe this is your first inquiry into owning a Marriott timeshare resale. Whatever the case, you are in a position to take advantage of our excellent service and depth of knowledge. When it comes to Marriott timeshare resales, people (including other brokers and agents) know to come to Premier Timeshare Resale. Of course, like any salesperson, we want to sell you a Marriott timeshare. The big difference, however, is that we want to sell you the right timeshare for your family’s needs. Premier Timeshare Resale’s agents make it their personal mission to help you understand what options are available to you. Marriott timeshares are so flexible it would be hard to find a Marriot resale ownership that wouldn’t fit your particular desires.


Premier has access to hundreds of Marriott timeshare resale listings and For-Sale-By-Owners. We will find you the best priced resale on the market.


Why Buy Marriott Retail When You Can Buy Marriott Resale?


So, what is the difference between buying from Marriott versus buying a Marriott timeshare resale? There are only two differences when buying any Marriott timeshare for sale from a previous owner. The first is the ability to trade your timeshare into Marriott Reward Points. You may, however, still participate in the Marriott Rewards Program and collect Reward Points in all the usual manners. It is a matter of personal opinion, whether or not this option is valuable.


The number of Reward points deposited in your account is different per Marriott timeshare Resort and is based on many factors. Normally, you will find that giving up 7 nights in a two bedroom condominium unit will get you either less nights, less space (one hotel room), a stay in a less quality brand or all three. Premier Timeshare Resale’s agents are happy to help to provide examples and help you understand if this is an option your family would benefit from or if the second difference between buying a Marriott Timeshare Resale outweighs the points option.


The second difference you’ll find when buying Marriott Timeshare Resales from a previous owner is the price. Buying a Marriot timeshare on the resale market can save you thousands! It is common that nearly half the cost of buying a timeshare from Marriott goes to sales and marketing fees. On the timeshare resale market you will find savings as high as 70% on some Marriott timeshares for sale. Learn more...


What’s left to think about? If you are interested in selling or buying a Marriott timeshare resale the next step is to contact us at Premier Timeshare Resale. We will make sure all your questions are answered before moving forward. “Our promise is to devote our knowledge, energy and experience into meeting each client’s specific needs, before, during and after the sale” and this is something we take seriously. After all, it is proven time and time again that happy owners equal happy referrals! Premier Timeshare Resale looks forward to exceeding your expectations. Please contact us today for more information on buying or selling a Marriott timeshare resale.



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