Exchange Companies: Step by Step Info & Tips!

There are two major exchange companies and about a dozen or so smaller exchange networks timeshare owners can take part in. Additionally, most resorts have an exchange network within their brand or management company.


Being part of an exchange company gives flexibility and choices to timeshare owners. You never have to worry about getting sick of the same place because you can make an exchange and travel any time of year and to thousands of locations around the world.


Step 1. Research the exchange companies mentioned below and see which one best fits your needs.


Step 2. Reserve your week at your home resort. Tip! It’s always good to reserve a week that you might like to use, should your plans to travel elsewhere fall through. It’s always nice to have a “Plan B”.


Step 3. Pick where you want to go and submit a request for an exchange to your desired resort. Your exchange may be confirmed immediately or it may take time. The exchange company does not have to find someone to use your week before they will give you an exchange. Tip! Put your request in and deposit your week as soon as possible. This has two advantages, the sooner you deposit the more time you have to get your week confirmed. Additionally, the longer your week is deposited the more trade power or value it earns. So, if you know you aren’t going to your home resort but aren’t sure where you do want to go, it’s best to deposit your week and just let it gain power until you decide for certain. Tip! Make multiple requests. For example if you know you want to go to Hawaii during a highly demanded time like Christmas, pick several resorts on different islands. The more choices you give that better the chance is that you will get your exchange and be on your way to Hawaii for the holidays!


Step 4. Pack your bags and go! Once the resort confirms your exchange they will contact you and you will be on your way.


The rules are slightly different from one Exchange Company to the next but the basic function is the same. Most companies also have a fee for exchanging your week. These fees vary depending on where you are going and with which company you are a member. However they are also some perks like bonus time and discounts available to members. Tip! Research all your options and decide which is best for you.


Interval International (II)

Resort Condominiums International (RCI)

Trading Places International

San Francisco Exchange Company (SFX)

Platinum Interchange, Marriott Specific

Trading Places Maui, Inc.


Timex Direct Exchange System

Hawaii Timeshare Exchange

Interchange, Australia

Dial an Exchange

Free Timeshare Exchange