Timeshare Resellers

With an explosion of timeshares on the resale market, it can often be overwhelming and confusing to sift and sort through the numerous resorts, seasons, weeks, points, and their values on hundreds of websites claiming to give you the best deal.


Timeshare Professionals to the Rescue


Professional timeshare resellers abound, and can certainly help you make the right decision as to which timeshare is appropriate for you. It’s easy to feel lost in the sea of timeshare resale options, and Premier Timeshare Resale wants to help.


Premier Timeshare Resale is comprised of professional licensed real estate agents with decades of experience in the timeshare industry. At PTR, we believe in honesty, service, and ethical business practices, and we want our customers, both buyers and sellers, to be educated and confident in making decisions on the resale market.


Resell a Timeshare: Education and Awareness


If you haven’t already seen our scam alert, please visit our scam webpage to learn more. Many businesses out there prey on vulnerable timeshare owners, and the industry is rife with predatory companies taking advantage of unwary buyers or would-be clients who wish to sell their timeshares. Premier Timeshare resale encourages you to do your research, and to work only with reputable companies who are licensed and regulated by their state. You can look up their company online, or with the Better Business Bureau to find out more information.


Premier Timeshare Resale’s Promise


To Sellers—The professional timeshare resellers at Premier Timeshare Resale NEVER charge upfront fees to resell you timeshare property. Because our timeshare reseller agents work with all kinds of timeshares, Premier Timeshare Resale can help you find the current resale market value of your timeshare for FREE—we never charge appraisal fees either. Our agents work on commission when reselling your timeshare, which means that we are only paid when the sale of your property is closed, and the money is in your hands. This motivates our agents to list your timeshare for resale at the right price to get it sold, and to work tirelessly to ensure a smooth and quick closing process. Read more about why you should resell a timeshare with PTR.


To Buyers—Timeshare resellers at Premier Timeshare Resale will take the time to get to know you and help you find your ideal vacation location. Whether you’re interested in traveling to Hawaii or prefer a stateside vacation, our timeshare resellers can direct you to a time share in Maui, Kauai, Big Island, Oahu, or choose one of hundreds of options in the USA, such as Marriott’s Mountainside at Park City. If you want a more exotic vacation, our timeshare resellers can direct you any number of international timeshare destinations, such as the Aruba Ocean Club! The timeshare resale agents at PTR ensure that all details are taken care of, from the perfect location all the way down to the tiniest legal implications of purchasing deeded property abroad.


At Premier Timeshare Resale, our timeshare resellers will always work hard for you to minimize stress and reduce that overwhelming feeling of dealing with buying or selling a timeshare on your own. We have the tools and experience to help you find the deal of a lifetime, purchase the vacation you’ve always wanted, or resell your timeshare quickly and painlessly. Contact us today for a free appraisal or to get started finding the vacation property of your dreams.