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Daemyung Sorak Leisure Town Kun Kangwon, Korea (South)
Daemyung Yangpyung Condominium Kun Kyungki, Korea (South)
Highla Donghae Beach Condominium Kosung-Gun, Korea (South)
Highla Kyongju Condominium Kyongsangbukdo, Korea (South)
Highla Mount Chiri Condominium Kyongsangnam-Do, Korea (South)
Highla Sorak Valley Condominium Kangwon-Do, Korea (South)
Ilsung Namhangang Condominium Kyunggi-Do, Korea (South)
Ilsung Sorak Condominium Kangwon-Do, Korea (South)
Jeju Tovice Beach Condominium Cheju-Do, Korea (South)
Muju Resort Jeollabuk-do, Korea (South)
Sorak Samsung Condominium Kang Won Do, Korea (South)
Togo Hotspring Tovice Condominium Chungchong, Korea (South)
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