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Global Exchange Vacation Club at Vista Mirage Palm Springs, California
Marquis Villas Resorts Palm Springs, California
Mesquite Country Club Palm Springs, California
Palm Canyon Resort and Spa and Monarch Grand Vacations Palm Springs, California
Palm Springs Tennis Club Palm Springs, California
Palm Springs Villas Palm Springs, California
The Plaza Resort and Spa Palm Springs, California
The Villas of Palm Springs Palm Springs, California
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Palm Springs Timeshare Resale

Palm Springs, CA is a small city in the middle of the California desert. It is located about 111 miles east of Los Angeles and 136 miles northeast of San Diego. While within driving distance of these major cities, the population of Palm Springs is less than 50,000, giving it the feel of a small town. It is an ideal place for a quiet (or adventurous!) vacation, and buying a Palm Springs timeshare resale is an ideal way to vacation.



Palm Springs Timeshares: Activities & Leisure


For decades, Palm Springs has been a great place for vacations. Within the local area are plenty of opportunities to go horseback riding, swim, play tennis, and hike. The proximity of the area to the desert, mountains, and beach make this city a great place for families and individuals who like the outdoors, but do not want to leave the comforts of home during a vacation. Driving a short distance to neighboring cities brings the opportunity to surf and swim at the beach.


For those people who are looking for a different way to relax while on vacation, Palm Springs offers great recreation. In addition to fabulous shopping and restaurants, the town is within driving distance of several major theme parks and other attractions including zoos, nightclubs, and golf.


Palm Springs Timeshares: An Enduring Location


Because of the diverse offerings in entertainment, many people have discovered that they wish to return to Palm Springs often throughout their lives. For many families, buying a Palm Springs timeshare resale makes repeat vacations in Palm Springs an affordable option. Buying a timeshare resale allows a family or individual to own rights to a hotel room or condo at a resort in Palm Springs that they like to visit for whatever amount of time works for them. The cost of property ownership split among other timeshare owners, giving each buyer the opportunity to spend a week or more in a great resort. Buying a Palm Springs Timeshare lets you come back year after year at a fraction of the cost of a typical vacation.


Palm Springs, California: Where Timeshares Began


Palm Springs was one of the first areas in the world to start offering timeshares. People have always loved to vacation in Palm Springs, but they have not always loved the high prices for traditional real estate or hotel fees. California has always had some of the highest real estate costs in the United States, making owning a vacation home out of reach for many people who love Palm Springs. In fact, many vacation properties in Palm Springs can cost hundreds of dollars per night, making an extended vacation a very expensive proposition for many people. Through Palm Spring's timeshare ownership options, however, many people can enjoy all that Palm Springs has to offer while staying in a beautiful property. Premier Timeshare Resale has many Palm Spring's timeshare resales listed, providing you with a great opportunity to buy a timeshare resale at a fraction of the price you would pay at the retail level.


Shop Our Palm Springs Timeshares for Sale Now!


The wide array of activities available in Palm Springs can make owning a timeshare in Palm Springs a good family time investment. Young couples love the outdoor hiking and biking trails. Families with young children will want to visit theme parks and participate in day hikes and beach trips. Families with older children can allow their teenagers to go to the beach or the mountains while parents enjoy the shopping. Older couples can spend time at the golf courses. In fact, many families choose to invite their children and grandchildren to join them on vacations to Palm Springs. With so many things to do, every generation can come away from Palm Springs with great vacation memories.


Palm Springs is a great town with year round warm weather, tons of activities, and a pleasant atmosphere. As a tourist destination for decades, many families have made the choice to vacation here year after year. For some, it may be time to sell their Palm Springs timeshare. When that happens, buyers get the opportunity to buy a Palm Springs timeshare for sale by owner.


Premier Timeshare Resale is composed of licensed real estate agents who never charge sellers an upfront fee and represent buyers free-of-charge. With intensive marketing efforts through a network of over fifty brokers and access to the largest pool of interested buyers, Premier Timeshare Resale’s agents will work to secure the best possible price for selling your timeshare. Click the links below to get started selling or buying your Palm Springs timeshare now!


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