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Rent My Timeshare

Great news! Premier Timeshare Resale has launched a timeshare rental division. We can now handle all your rental needs.


And the best part? 


No Upfront Fees!

Our experienced rental team knows where to advertise and how to negotiate to get you the most for your timeshare rental. We will handle all the advertising costs and provide rental agreements. Just like our timeshare resale division, we only get paid when you get paid. A small commission fee will be negotiated based on your rental price. 


With no upfront costs to you, there is no risk. Advertising with Premier Timeshare Resale & Rentals is the best way to get your timeshare rented.


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Renting a Timeshare Tips


1. Never pay an upfront fee. Hire a company who gets paid once it's rented.


2. Consider pricing it within current market. 


3.  Hire a company that will advertise in multiple locations. The more exposure the better. Never put your eggs all in one basket.


4. Work with a timeshare rental agent who has a proven track record.


Why rent with PTR?


This was a service our clients have asked us about for years. We finally found a rental agent worthing of our clients.  We now have a reliable rental solution that we are proud to offer to clients.


1. We get paid when you get paid! Never an upfront fee to rent your timeshare with our team!


2. We will do the research and advise you on pricing. We will get you the most we can since our fee will be based on rental price.


3. We've partnered with a top of line rental agent who knows where to advertise and is so confidant in himself that he pays any upfront ad fees required out of his own pocket! 


4. PTR has taken the guesswork out of "where to rent"?  No contacting several sites or agents and trying to decide who is best. We've done that for you. Our rental agent is one of the best in the industry. In fact, he services several of the top timeshare resale companies, Premier included. This widens his net for rental advertising even further.