Wyatt's Wish Story

Wyatt’s Wish Story: I wish to ride the rides at the Florida theme parks.

When Wyatt was asked what his favorite part of his wish was he stared at his mom with a look that said, “How am I supposed to answer this question?” After a little while, Wyatt replied, “Everything! But if I have to pick one thing Space Mountain was pretty cool.” Wyatt’s wish was everything he had dreamed of and more, for both him and his family. His mom said, “I don’t know how to describe our experience. I have a hard time putting into words what this wish has done for Wyatt and our family. We are all so grateful for the magical experience we encountered, this is one of the best times our family has had together and the experience has brought us closer than we could’ve thought.”


11-year-old Wyatt is an adventurous young man who views the world as his playground. He enjoys riding horses, BMX biking, running, climbing, and playing golf, which he is really good at. Wyatt has never believed there isn’t anything he can’t do. So when Wyatt was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), which causes tumors to grow in his nervous system, his attitude was I can handle anything that comes my way. Wyatt’s selfless, kind, and giving attitude has helped him to enjoy being a kid while dealing with his diagnosis.

This being said, when Wyatt’s wish came true he couldn’t believe how amazing his experience turned out. When he and his family arrived in Florida they were taken to Give Kids the World, a storybook themed, 70-acher resort for children with life threating illnesses and their family. Here Wyatt and his family were treated like royalty. There were different activities taking place every day it wasn’t a matter of what to do but if there was enough time to do everything. They visited all the different theme parks in Florida and Wyatt was able to ride every ride, in every park he visited. There was one day when Wyatt and his family spent the day at the beach, which was an experience that caused Wyatt to turn to his mom and say, “I never want to leave this place.” Wyatt also experienced an airboat ride and got to wrestle an alligator.

Wyatt’s wish brought an already close family closer together. It also helped an already optimistic young man realize how capable he is to handle his diagnosis. There are many children out there who are battling life threating illnesses and Wyatt believes if he wasn’t capable of fighting NF1 he wouldn’t have been diagnosed with it. Wyatt’s wish has given him additional insight that he never knew he could achieve. Although, the magic of his wish will forever live inside him, he still didn’t want it to come to an end.