1. Non-Exclusive Website Listing. Although chances may be slim, we would like to try and sell it for you. We need to be clear that there are no guarantees when or even if we will be able to sell it. Therefore, we don’t want to tie you down to working exclusively with us or charge a fee for this service. What we would like to offer is to “Non-Exclusively” list your property with our company. The terms are provided in the “Terms and Conditions” section of the previous page.


2. Use it. The best way to get value out of your timeshare is to keep it and use it. Take your loved ones on vacation and enjoy some precious time making memories with them.


3. Give it away. Ask around and see if there is a family member or friend who would like to take it off your hands. Remember though, whomever takes it from you will become responsible for the yearly fees.


4. Give it back. Ask your resort developer or manager if they would allow you to give your timeshare back (either to the developer or to the owners’ association). Ask if they would accept a quit-claim deed or a deed in lieu of foreclosure if you are in default of your mortgage or maintenance fee payments. Even if the developer or association allows you to return your timeshare, it is possible that you still might have to pay some fees or expenses to cover the costs of the transfer. Understand that any number of factors affects whether or not the developer or association will take your timeshare back and many developers and associations do not do this. But, it costs nothing to ask.


5. Donate it. Check if a local church or charity would auction it off at a fundraising event. We advise talking to your accountant about whether you may have a tax benefit on the loss. Be cautious of any companies who contact you and ask you to pay any type of fee to donate your timeshare. This is a common scam. You will lose the fee and still own the timeshare. For more information see our “Avoiding Scams” page.


6. Donate the usage. Option 1. Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish cannot take your timeshare, but you can donate the usage to help grant a child's travel wish. This can be very fulfilling for you and you may also talk to your accountant about getting a tax deduction on the year's maintenance/usage fees. My Utah contact is Katherine Fife ([email protected]). She may be able to assist you or point you in the right direction if you'd like to try that option. PTR donates a portion of our sales to fulfilling a child’s travel-related wish. Click for details. Option 2: Give Us Time/Afghan Heroes. In partnership with Afghan Heroes, the registered charity set up by the mothers of soldiers killed in Afghanistan, ‘Give Us Time’ was created to provide families of those recovering from trauma of combat to adjust in a neutral and quality environment. It will apply to those who have lost a loved one, those who have suffered physical injury and those who suffer from the mental stress of combat. You may contact [email protected] for details.


7. Rent it. If you haven't already tried to rent your timeshare, definitely check with your resort manager to see if your resort has a rental program. You may also rent it on your own. However, be cautious of anyone asking for an upfront fee to find a renter for you. See our "Rent My Timeshare" page for more information and recommendations.


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