As a Real Estate Agent, What Do You Do With Clients Who Want to Buy or Sell a Timeshare?

If you have ever looked into it, reselling a timeshare is NOT like regular real estate. The hoops you have to jump through are numerous, and having knowledge of the different programs and how they work requires endless training.  All this work greatly exceeds the potential commission fees. In addition, advertising a timeshare to find a buyer is a specialty in itself, and can be costly.


So, what do you do with clients who wish to sell or buy a timeshare?


Send them to PTR & collect a paycheck!


To make money in timeshare resale, one must do a large quantity of sales, and that is what we do. We have a website dedicated to timeshare resale and a network/MLS of timeshare brokers & inventory nationwide.


Timeshare resales are not big income, especially at 6% commission rates.  We charge special timeshare commission rates and have a minimum flat fee. Often you get more money from the referral fee than you would with a 3% listing or selling agent fee.  We pay 20% referral fees.


We do not charge upfront fees to sellers and offer FREE advertising on our website. We also do our part to create awareness and educate your clients on how to avoid timeshare pitfalls and scams.



Who is Premier Timeshare Resale?


Premier Timeshare Resale (PTR) is a company who helps to bring buyers and sellers together for the sale of timeshares on the secondary market, commonly called “timeshare resale.”  PTR is owned by Kelly Marshall, a Utah licensed Associate Broker and REALTOR® with RE/MAX Associates. This is PTR’s headquarters.  However, PTR also has affiliate offices in other states, also overseen by Licensed Brokers.  Read more


PTR never charges an upfront fee. We will try and help any timeshare owner to sell by offering a free ad on our website. We are paid by commission when the sale is closed. Our services are free for buyers.


We do our part to educate and bring awareness to consumers to avoid the scams that plague the timeshare industry. Read more



What if I fear giving up my client information because they are a valuable lead to me for Real Estate?


If you refer them to us, they remain your client in our database, so if they ever come back to us with a real estate question, we can refer them back to you! We specialize in timeshare resale, not real estate.


If referring them is not an option for you, then contact us directly and we’ll find a work-around to keep everyone happy and get the job done!


What is the referral process?

If your client is important to you, and you want to be paid, simply send us a referral form or an email. Make sure we get your information and your client's information and we will be sure it is entered as your lead in our database. Some timeshare sellers or buyers take several months or even years to buy/sell. If that’s the case, we want to be able to find you.


If you don’t wish to be paid, you can simply refer them to our website: or to Kelly directly at [email protected]



Can we help clients with timeshares in other states or internationally?


YES! We have affiliate brokers licensed in states where timeshares are most popular.



Please send additional questions to [email protected]. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for you, us, and of course, the clients.


Best Regards,

Kelly Marshall

Owner, Premier Timeshare Resale