Timeshare Broker

Timeshare - noun - a type of ownership in which there are multiple owners who share the usage rights of a property. This is normally a condominium, hotel-resort, or vacation home. Each party owns an specific period of time in which they can use the property. Timeshares are also often called as "Vacation Ownership", "Vacation Clubs" and "Fractional Ownership".


Real Estate Broker - noun ¬- An agent who is licensed to bring buyers and sellers together in the sale of real estate for a commission fee. To be called a broker an agent must have completed 120 hours of education, passed the broker exam and completed the state's experience requirement. Each Real Estate Office has a broker who oversees the office's agents and owns the brokerage. An office can also have Associate Brokers who operated within the brokerage but do not own it or Branch Brokers who operate other branch locations owned by the main broker.


Timeshare Broker - noun - A licensed agent who has completed the requirements to be a broker and who acts as an intermediary between parties in the buying and selling of timeshares. A timeshare broker may operate and oversee a resort office, a timeshare resale office or work for a developer supervising a sales team.


Timeshare Resale Broker - noun - A licensed salesperson who specializes in the buying and selling of timeshare resales. Timeshare resales are previously owned timeshares. Someone who bought from the resort developer originally and now wants to sell their timeshare would hire a timeshare resale broker to handle the re-sale.


Who is our broker?


RE/MAX Associates has 5 offices and is the main brokerage under which Premier Timeshare Resale functions. Butch Dailey is the broker of RE/MAX Associates.


Who is our branch broker?


Our RE/MAX Associates Park City office is run by our branch broker Al Barbosa. Al specializes in Park City real estate. Search full ownership options right from PTR's website by clicking here.


How Premier Timeshare Resale fits in


Premier Timeshare Resale is owned and operated by Kelly Marshall and Alanna Hatz. Kelly is an associate broker and Alanna is a licensed agent. Together they created Premier Timeshare Resale and work as a team. Both have extensive resort experience in timeshare sales and marketing and specialize in timeshare resale.


Since its inception in 2006, Premier Timeshare Resale (PTR) has been a legitimate timeshare broker helping parties buy and sell timeshares on the resale market. PTR is one of few timeshare companies that is operated by a licensed timeshare resale broker and never charges upfront fees.


PTR takes pride in its "A+" rating and 0 complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, PTR's agents also have 0 complaints on record with the Division of Real Estate.


Our promise to every client is that we will devote all of our knowledge, energy, and experience into meeting their needs before, during and after the sale. We take this seriously and it can be seen in the many positive client testimonials we a have received over the years.