How Does PTR Determine Prices?

We do a comparative market analysis for all the timeshares we sell. This means we check a variety of factors with over 65 timeshare resale brokers nationwide, including sold prices, time on the market, and how many are currently for sale.


Through our research and years of experience we have been able to determine a list of resorts that have proven difficult to sell. Unfortunately, your resort is on that list at this time. In the past, owners of these resorts have complained about having a hard time finding a broker who does not charge upfront fees to help them. For this reason, we have created an automated way for you to advertise your timeshare for sale on our website.   If we find a buyer, we will bring the offer to you and you can decide if you would like to accept or reject it at that time.  There are no strings attached and you are not obligated to sell with us.  


Keep in mind, that a timeshare is only worth what someone is willing to pay.  When a product has more sellers then buyers, price is the only motivator to a buyer.   The competition amongst sellers to get rid of their timeshares, to even give them away, is what drives the resale values down so low.



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